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Chance Walte

Chance Walte

Photo: "Chance lets loose in the front show room of Fearless Guitars"Chance is the owner of Fearless Guitars in Portland, OR. Nearing its second birthday, Fearless Guitars is thriving and has settled into being one part boutique, one part high-end tone counseling and hot rod shop, and one part tone lab.Chance spends most of his time at his bench or in consultation with clients trying to achieve their ultimate tones. The shop specializes in high-end U.S.- and European-made products, as well as having a niche in '70s and '80s Japanese instruments. Some of our featured lines are: Delano pickups, Audere preamps, Bergantino cabinets, Modulus basses, and the Demeter line. We also handpick used gear of similar quality and distinctiveness.Chance Walte is a seeker, questioner and tireless experimenter. For more than twenty years he has utilized various guitars and basses as the tools to study organized sound. From birdsong to Bach he has listened with a loving ear and tried to respond to the music all around him. Over many years he recorded the modifications to the tuning, setup and construction of the instruments at his disposal, using the same three songs for control. This enabled him to become very familiar with the variables involved in sculpting a tone.Running parallel to this private study was a public life of club gigs, teaching, tech work, retail sales and purchasing. The more time he spent working with students and clients to help them find their own tones and learn to express themselves, the more rewarding this service became to him. At this time he began a series of full immersion programs at several respected schools of luthiery. Eventually he stopped performing regularly and began to focus on his writing, experimenting, tech work and teaching.After spending several years at a pro shop in a major market, he started to formulate a plan for a shop of his own. The time spent as a buyer going to trade shows and touring factories helped hone his understanding of the industry. His plan was for a small, full-service shop dedicated to high-quality gear and personal attention to the customers' needs. After time spent in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Austin, he opened Fearless Guitars in Portland, Oregon, in 2005.Visit

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