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Chris Metaxas

Chris Metaxas

Chris Metaxas joins the BMM staff representing the voice of the readers and the “average players” who just love everything about the bass. He comes to BMM with a passion and connection to those who make a difference in our world of bass and is starting off a new forum called:  Local Heroes of Bass. “I’m thrilled to be hosting this new forum for the BMM community where members can start talking about who has made a difference in their bass lives and the impact these people have in the communities they make their own.”  Chris’ experience with the Bass resembles the majority of this community. With his roots started in high school orchestra, jazz band, and local rock/fusion bands, Chris has gone full circle and is able to pick up where he left off to continue his love for the bass by playing, learning and collecting. Chris comes to BMM from Roslyn, NY and spends his working days in the digital marketing and Identity management business. You can catch him having fun playing with his band RockSteady.  

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