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Don Campbell

Don Campbell

Don Campbell is a Northwest blues musician, songwriter, producer and complete knucklehead. He cut his teeth in teen bands in Southern Oregon, before finding his way to Eugene, where he went to school and played rock and roll, country and some weird mix of country/folk before discovering a blues scene that included Robert Cray, Curtis Salgado, DK Stewart, the Cray Band guys (Dover Weinberg, Tom Murphy, Richard Cousins), the Nighthawks (the aforementioned Messr. Salgado and Stewart, Rich Kesey, Frank Spieker, Dave Olson, Jim Cochran), and Bill Rhoades and the Party Kings. His life would never be the same. He also found Joel Foy, Mike Moothart and Johnny Moore (and their record collections), formed a band called the Bluetones, and enjoyed more lost weekends at taverns and bars playing blues than should be legal. After a jam session in Joel's living room with his soon-to-be boss, Paul deLay, Campbell soon moved to Portland to join deLay's band full-time, playing with Jim Mesi, DK Stewart, Paul Jones, and later, replacing DK, Clare Bruce. That took care of the '80s. After both he and DK Stewart left the deLay Band, they began playing as a duo which of course expanded to a trio and soon a quartet. He's recorded some 10 records with Stewart, either in conjunction with the deLay Band or with Stewart solo projects. Campbell left the fold to pursue a writing career (and to pay some bills) before reteaming with DK, drummer Carlton Jackson and guitarist Peter Dammann. A version of that band persists today. Campbell also discovered digital recording, and along with songwriting/producing pal Al Lee, formed Aledonja Music, an excuse to huddle on Thursday nights, do the sometimes questionable things that songwriters and guitar players with microphones and recording equipment and a yen to play too loud tend to do. The result thus far has been composing music for indie filmmaker Kelley Baker's film "Kicking Bird," where they were forced to get in touch with their inner angry redheaded stepsons and write punk music, and compose a ton of uncut instrumentals, soundbed music and artist cuts that they pray will someday bring them some mailbox money so they can buy new Taylor guitars and vintage Fenders. That same pair also wrote a book about breathing. You'll have to ask them for more details on that one. Don is also a freelance writer. Visit Online:
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