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Ivan Carranza

Ivan Carranza

Born in 1993 in Lima, Peru, Iván decided to pick up the bass after attending an Iron Maiden tribute show and hearing the massive low end of an electric bass being played live.After finishing high school in 2010, he decided to pursue a career in music and studied under the wing of several great musicians from the local scene in Lima. In 2013 Iván relocated to Germany and is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. Some of his mentors so far include: Joscha Oetz, Noel Marambio, Torsten “HazE” Haas, Marius Goldhammer, Jürgen Knautz, Matías Recharte and Javier Perez-Saco, among others.Aside from working as a freelance musician, he is also the bass players and composer for the Reggae band “Blazin’ Vibez” ( and Heavy Metal band “Chasing The Serpent” (án proudly uses Xotic and Lakland basses, Gallien Krueger amps, Darkglass Electronics effects, GruvGear straps/fretwraps and Reunion Blues cases.

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