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Keith Collins

Keith Collins

Keith Collins was 12 years old when emerging pop and jazz compelled him to switch from trumpet to bass guitar. He joined his first pop band in 1963 and learned from early books by Carol Kaye and playing with everything on the radio.  Bass guitar became popular for most gigs in the late '60s, just in time to pay his way through nine years of college playing everything from duos, shows six nights a week in LA and Hawaii,  piano trio jazz, and large orchestras.  Jamming with leading jazz musicians in a loft opened creative energy aside from the rigors of commercial performances.  Collins practices the art of music in his ten-piece Salsa band, a Steely Dan cover band, jazz gospel and charity gigs in Vancouver, WA, USA.  Collins and his wife Cindy keep live music going hosting rehearsals and parties in "the nightclub" in their home.

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