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Vail Johnson

Vail Johnson

Vail Johnson is a solo artist and bassist most well know for his work with Kenny G since 1986. Vail grew up in Seattle, WA youngest of 6 boys in a musical family. He started on trumpet in 4th grade and added bass guitar in 9th. Played in school  and in  garage bands seemingly endlessly, often practicing 6 hours a day. The summer after high school, Vail joined two of his brothers in a Bluegrass/ Dixieland band and played a Seattle bar for a number of years. Another 10 years traveling playing on cover bands led to an opportunity with Kenny G in 1986. Vail then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a more 'lucrative' music career and had been there ever since. Tons of live shows and recording followed with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Stevie Nicks, Michael Bolton, James Ingram and lots more. Vail has added his funk and hard edged groove as trademarks along with the melodic, flowing style he uses on much of Kenny G's music. Vail has released his fourth solo CD this year, 'Come Together', a collection of his favorite Beatles songs. He leads the all- star rhythm section on his Kubicki's, as well as engineering and mastering in his Woodland Hills studio 'Viking Recorders'. Vail is  engineering and mixing outside projects, the most recent by Ron Powell, percussionist extraordinaire. He is also branching out into Nashville as a second home.  His new website '' is about recording over the internet. Visit Online:
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