The Doctor is In with Dr Randy Kertz – Bass Related Left Hand Issues {Video}

Dr Randy Kertz discusses the management of bass related left hand issues.

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Dr. Randall Kertz

About Dr. Randall Kertz

Randall Kertz is a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator, author, and bass player in private practice in suburban Chicago, IL.


  1. adrianlitvinoff says

    A really helpful and straight-forward video – thanks very much! As a double and electric bassist I think a lot of my hand and fore-arm issues start with over-tightening in the neck and left shoulder area. Any thoughts?

  2. Dr. Randall Kertz says

    Thanks Adrian- I think that neck and shoulder tightness can certainly be related, especially when playing upright- see some of my older written articles for ideas about how to deal with this, also some vids on my youtube channel drkertztv
    Randy Kertz

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