Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Bass Musician Magazine, April 2015 Issue

Bass Musician Magazine - April 2015

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Bass in Ya Face – An Interview with the Pioneer of Free Funk Bass… Since being thrust on the jazz scene when he joined the legendary saxophonist Ornette Coleman’s ground-breaking and controversial electric band Prime Time at the age of 18, Jamaaladeen Tacuma has been heralded as the “baddest electric bass virtuoso in […]

Tomohiko Ohkanda – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2015 Issue

Tomohiko Ohkanda_O1A8904

Tomohiko Ohkanda – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2015 Issue… We learn more by meeting, interacting and listening to musicians from different cultures. After a recording session at Neila Productions,  I was recently introduced to an amazing bass player named Tomohiko Ohkanda. He is alreadya brand name in the Japanese Music Scene, therefore i found it […]

Rocco Prestia – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2015 Issue

Rocco Prestia – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2015 Issue

Interview with Rocco Prestia – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2015 Issue… (Click Cover to Read) His full name is Francis Rocco Prestia, but he is most often referred to simply as Rocco. He is the driving force, along with Drummer David Garibaldi, of the funkiest and arguably the most soulful band in the land: Tower […]

Alberto Rigoni – Bass Musician Magazine, January 2015 Issue

bass musician magazine - alberto rigoni-2

Alberto Rigoni – Bass Musician Magazine Interview, January 2015 Issue… Transcribed from a Skype interview (Ty) How did you get your start playing bass? (Alberto) I started playing bass when I was 16 years old after a friend of mine introduced me to Dream Theater and the first song I listened to was “A Change of Seasons”, a 23 […]

Bill Laswell – The Bladerunner’s Journey, December 2014 Issue


(CLICK for the original Transcript) Listening to Bill Laswell speak, produce and play is very much like hearing the returning report of a deep space traveler. Known as a “thinking man’s musician/visionary” since becoming an iconic presence on the scene in the late 1970’s, he has folded space with a number of like-minded souls ranging […]


Bass Musician Magazine - Bill Laswell - Dec 2014

BILL LASWELL, BASS: The Final Frontier – BASS MUSICIAN MAGAZINE INTERVIEW… Original Transcript BAJ: Let’s begin by asking you to articulate your general concept of the word “sound”… Not, necessarily “your sound”, perse. But, what does sound do to your soul and what is your immediate reaction to sounds that give you pleasure? BL: I probably don’t […]

Mark Kelley – Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!, October 2014 Issue

Photographer, Dina Regine | dinareginephotography.com

Bass Musician Magazine – October 2014 Cover Interview with Bassist Mark Kelley… As the call and response of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon theme kicks in, there is an immediate assertiveness to the bass sound. After the vocal refrain, the bass line walks and winds though the lower register, pumping low tones as the […]

Marco Mendoza – Bass with the Biggest Names in Rock, September 2014 Issue

Marco Mendoza - bass Musician Magazine - September 2014

Marco Mendoza has been the bassist for so many great bands and artists including Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, Blue Murder both John Sykes, Bill Ward, and countless others, while still somehow finding the time and energy to front his own great projects. We catch up with Marco to see what he […]