Scott Petersen: Broadway, Nashville – Where the Music Never Stops – Bass Musician Magazine, June 2014

Scott Petersen-Bass Musician Magazine - June 2014-smallThe next interview in the Bass on Broadway series features Scott Petersen, our BMM June 2014 cover. Scott is very well known on the local Broadway scene in Nashville, and can be spotted quite frequently playing the local clubs when he is not out on the road. What influenced you to choose bass as your main […]

Scot Alexander: Coming Full Circle – Bass Musician Magazine, May 2014

bassist scot alexanderBass Musician Magazine, May 2014 Cover Interview with Scot Alexander… Picture a time and era where videos of “buzz” worthy bands circulated on MTV in mass rotation, where Alternative Radio exploded with sounds of Seattle, post gunge, neo grunge, modern rock, punk/alternative and T-shirts paraded across High Schools with odd band names like Green Day, […]

John Myung: The Progression Towards Excellence – Bass Musician Magazine, April 2014 Issue

John Myung - Bass Musician Magazine - April 2014There are few players that can be attributed to having pushed the boundaries in their respective genres. Not only in sheer influence but also in technical mastery of their instruments. Among bassists, we have known one man who has held down the foundation for the band that has reshaped progressive rock as we know it […]

Interview With Nathan East – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2014 Issue {PDF}

nathan east - bass musician magazine - march 2014CLICK COVER TO OPEN PDF About Rick SuchowRick Suchow has been an in-demand bassist on the live New York music scene for more than three decades, logging nearly 4000 gigs in a career that has taken him from Lincoln Center to the White House. He is also a songwriter whose tunes have charted on Billboard, […]

Nathan East: Dramatic Debut Solo Album – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2014 Issue

nathan east - bass musician magazine - march 2014It’s late January in New York City and we’re in the middle of the worst winter in two decades. It’s so bad that weathermen are using words like “polar vortex” and offering bone-chilling forecasts of sub-zero wind chills. But for one night, one brief beautiful night, on the third floor inside the Yamaha Piano Salon on […]

Giuseppe Patane’: The Da Vinci of Bass – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2014 NAMM Issue

Bass Musician Magazine - Feb 2014 NAMM IssueClick the Cover to Read the February 2014 NAMM Issue About Andreas FarmakalidisAndreas Farmakalidis is a freelance acoustic & electric bass player based in CA. A graduate from the esteemed Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis University (MA), he has gained wide ranging international experience as a performer as well as […]

Todd Smallie: Bass Smiles – Bass Musician Magazine, January 2014

01-2014-Bass Musician Magazine - Todd Smallie-2Todd Smallie is smiling again.  As soon as the first note of the set sounds, his smile breaks out and doesn’t leave for the entire evening.  While many of his bass peers wear contorted grimaces and open-mouthed snarls (sometimes infamously), Todd’s joyous countenance is constant. Whether he is laying into a deep groove behind front […]

Juan Garcia-Herreros: The Snow Owl – Bass Musician Magazine, December 2013

Juan Garcia-Herreros-The-Snow-Owl-Bass Musician Magazine-I remember when our previous editor, Jake Kot, heard Juan Garcia-Herreros’ (AKA, “The Snow Owl”) CD, “Art of Contrabass Guitar”. Not only did he chose to write the review himself but he stated that, “Juan had the potential of becoming the next Jaco,” and coming from Jake that was no small statement. I have been […]