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Chris Kael, Bass Death Punch – March 2023 Issue

Chris Kael, Bass Death Punch – March 2023 Issue…

Chris Kael - Bass Musician Magazine - March 2023

Cover Photo, Ana Massard

It has been almost a decade since Tim Risser interviewed Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael for Bass Musician. As you can imagine, a lot has happened since then and I am very happy to report that Chris is rocking harder than ever with 5FDP; the band is touring and they have a new album, Afterlife. This album is tied into a Graphic Novel and is a hard-hitting, multi-media project that is definitely mind-blowing. The first two videos “Times Like This” and “Welcome to the Circus” are superbly done and have a curling edge Sci-Fi kind of feel that leaves you waiting for the next installment.

Before I get carried away telling you the details, let’s dive into this interview with Chris as he shares the details of his musical journey, how he gets his sound, the current and future tour plans, and more details about “Afterlife”.

Here is Chris Kael…

Five Finger Death Punch – Times Like These (Music Video)

Five Finger Death Punch – Welcome To The Circus (Official Music Video)

Five Finger Death Punch – Inside Out (Official Music Video)

Five Finger Death Punch – A Little Bit Off (Official Music Video)

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