Bass Transcription – John McLaughlin’s Solo on “Off The One” by Lucas Pickford

lucaspickfordbio-1Hey bass players. I thought I’d give you something challenging to start off 2014 with. Once again, it’s not a solo by a bass player but rather another master of strings, guitarist John McLaughlin. The solo is on a tune of John’s called “Off The One” from his CD entitled “Floating Point”. The solo begins […]

Bass Transcription – Eddie Gomez Bass Solo on Bill Evans’ We Will Meet Again by Lucas Pickford

lucaspickfordbio-1Bass Transcription – Eddie Gomez Bass Solo on Bill Evans’ We Will Meet Again by Lucas Pickford… Acoustic bassist Eddie Gomez in one of my all time favorites. I’ve contributed one other Gomez transcription here for Bass Musician Magazine awhile back. This is another Eddie Gomez solo from that same album, this time on a beautiful Bill Evans […]

Bass Transcription by Lucas Pickford – Michael Brecker’s Solo on GIANT STEPS

lucaspickfordbio-1This month I’ve chosen to feature the late tenor sax giant, Michael Brecker’s solo on the extremely demanding John Coltrane composition Giant Steps. Why not feature a bass solo on this tune?  It’s been my experience that we bassists can better broaden not only our musical vocabulary by studying the solos of non bass players, but […]

Bass Transcription by Lucas Pickford – Anthony Jackson on What Cha Gonna Do For Me

lucaspickfordbio-1What Cha Gonna Do For Me was R&B singer Chaka Khan’s third solo album released in 1981. Produced by Arif Mardin the album’s personnel is veritable who’s who of the music world. In addition the great Anthony Jackson who’s bass part is transcribed here, the album also included the Brecker Brothers, Herbie Hancock, Hiram Bullock, […]

Bass Transcription by Lucas Pickford – John McLaughlin Guitar Solo on Tones For Elvin Jones

lucaspickfordbio-1Bass Transcription – John McLaughlin Guitar Solo on Tones For Elvin Jones This month I decided to really give everyone a challenge. This is a guitar solo transcription of an absolutely killing solo by guitar wizard John McLaughlin. The song is called ‘Tones For Elvin Jones’ and it’s in 5/4. It is a repeating 8 […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: John McLaughlin’s Incredible Line on Mr. D.C.

lucaspickfordbio-1This tune is a dedication to the band’s amazing drummer Dennis Chambers.  This tune is from the 1997 CD by John McLaughlin called “The Heart of Things”. It features a close friend and amazing bass player Matthew Garrison along with Jim Beard on keys, and Gary Thomas on tenor sax. The band plays the melody […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Marcus Miller’s Live Solo “Scoop”

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford - I chose this particular Marcus Miller bass solo because it is a veritable encyclopedia of Miller’s most used but never abused signature licks. I don’t give specific fingerings as I feel it’s best for the individual to find what fingerings work for him/herself. About Lucas PickfordMy dad dropped me off in […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Anthony Jackson Bassline on “What Cha Gonna Do For Me?”

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford - Click here to view the AJ Bass Part on What-Cha-Gonna-Do-For-Me This is the title track to Ms. Khan’s third solo album on Warner Bros. Anthony Jackson described this recoding as being the peak of his playing ability up until that point. He says that he could hear a mature, definitive style […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Que Alegria Played by Bassist Dominique Di Piazza

alegria1Meet Lucas Pickford - This tune “Que Alegria” by John McLaughlin from the CD of the same name is a terrific bass feature. The bassist is the great Frenchman Dominique Di Piazza. Dominique plays the melody after a long percussion intro that happens between McLaughlin and master Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. I chose to write […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Bassist Eddie Gomez’ Solo on “Pools”

FEB2010-millerfattime3Meet Lucas Pickford - Originally called Steps when it was formed in 1979 by vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, this group at various times has included tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker; keyboardists Don Grolnick, Eliane Elias, and Rachel Z; guitarist Mike Stern; bassists Eddie Gomez and Darryl Jones; and drummers Peter Erskine and Steve Smith, among others. Its […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Bass Solo Transcription of Jimmy Johnson on a Tune Called “Panic Station”

FEB2010-millerfattime3Meet Lucas Pickford I’ve always loved this solo by the totally under rated but totally amazing bassist Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy’s main gig is with James Taylor but he’s also been part of Allan Holdsworth’s group for 25 years or so. Jimmy rarely solos, not because he can’t, he’s just usually playing some of the best […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Miles Davis’ “Fat Time” – Transcription Marcus Miller’s Killer Bass Line

FEB2010-millerfattime3Meet Lucas Pickford Most of the mid to late 70′s saw the departure of the great Miles Davis from the music scene. Drug and alcohol problems, health issues, and a myriad of other factors all contributed to Miles’ self imposed exile. However in early 1980 Miles put out a call to his long time friend […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop – Anthony Jackson Composition, “Grand Slam”

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford This is another masterpiece of bass playing genius by the one and only Anthony Jackson. It comes from a short lived fusion band led by keyboardist Mitch Forman. I’m not sure this CD is still in print but check this link: for more on that. Anthony plays just about every possible […]

Marcus Miller Composition, “Mr. Pastorius”: Pick’s Transcription Workshop

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford – For this installment of PTW I’ve chosen the beautiful Marcus Miller homage to the late, great, Jaco Pastorius. I’ve heard that when Jaco left Weather Report that Joe Zawinul offered the bass spot to a young Marcus Miller. By that time though Marcus’ abilities had already be noticed by none other […]

Pat Metheny Composition, “Everyday I Thank You” : Pick’s Transcription Workshop

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford - This album of Pat’s is probably my all time favorite Pat Metheny recording. He has an all star cast with him that includes the late Michael Brecker on tenor sax, Charlie Haden on acoustic bass, Jack DeJohnette on drums, and the great Dewey Redman on sax as well. This composition is […]

John McLaughlin’s Solo on the John Coltrane Tune, “Impressions” : Pick’s Transcription Workshop

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford John Coltrane’s seminal modal jazz composition ‘Impressions’ is as challenging as anything he composed even though it only has two chords in it. The form is 16 bars of D-7 followed by a bridge section of Ebmin7 for 8 bars, and finally 8 more bars of D-7 again at which point the […]

Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Eddie Gomez’ Bass Solo on a Chick Corea Song, “Waltse For Dave”

lucaspickfordbio-1Meet Lucas Pickford – In 1977 in between his classic Return to Forever albums and his late-80′s Elektric band albums, Chick Corea released a number of classic small-ensemble jazz albums full of original compositions. On this CD appropriately titled ‘Friends” Chick teams up with Joe Farrell on flute and reeds, Eddie Gomez on bass and […]

The Symmetric Diminished Scale in Jazz Improvisation

  4 Chords in One: The Symmetric Diminished Scale Featuring a Transcription of a John McLaughlin Guitar Solo on a G Blues Click below to download this article and transcription in either doc or pdf format. Download Symmetric_Diminished_Scales_.doc Download Symmetric_Diminished_Scales_.pdf About Lucas PickfordMy dad dropped me off in Boston in 1988 at age 17 to […]

French Bass Phenom Hadrien Feraud on the John McLaughlin Tune “Senor C.S.”

Hi everyone, For the one year anniversary of Bass Musician Magazine, I have chosen to put up a very special and challenging transcription. It is a live solo by French bass phenom Hadrien Feraud, on the John McLaughlin tune “Senor C.S.” The solo is both technically and harmonically brilliant to say the least. I got […]

Red Baron

bassclefdec07-1Drummer Billy Cobham of Mahavishnu Orchestra fame, made his most enduring contribution too the genre of jazz – fusion with his classic recording “Spectrum”. The 1973 album featured: Joe Farrell, flute, saxophones; John Tropea, guitar, and Ray Barretto, congas. Studio legend Lee Sklar, played bass on the original version of ‘Red Baron’ and did a […]

Hadrien Feraud’s Various Solo Excerpts : Pick’s Transcription Workshop

In this month’s installment of Pick’s Transcription Workshop I’ve chosen to focus on a young technically brilliant bass phenom from France named Hadrien Feraud. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He’s featured on guitar god John McLaughlin’s latest CD “Industrial Zen” where he is joined by past bass phenom Matt Garrison […]

Picks Transcription Workshop: The Art of Transcription

bassclefdec07The ability to transcribe, or write down on paper what you hear on a recording, is one of the most valuable tools a musician can possess. Why? For starters it enables you to learn directly from the masters via their recorded works. Harmony books are great, and books of scales are useful, but if you […]