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Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Bassist Eddie Gomez’ Solo on “Pools”

Meet Lucas Pickford –

Originally called Steps when it was formed in 1979 by vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, this group at various times has included tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker; keyboardists Don Grolnick, Eliane Elias, and Rachel Z; guitarist Mike Stern; bassists Eddie Gomez and Darryl Jones; and drummers Peter Erskine and Steve Smith, among others. Its music combines advanced jazz, R&B, rock, and fusion and this song ‘Pools’ by pianist Don Grolnick is a tour de force solos by Eddie Gomez and Michael Brecker.  I’ve chosen Gomez’ solo for several reasons.

First, it’s an acoustic bass solo but Eddie’s command of the upper register is so complete that it almost sounds like he’s playing a fretless electric bass!  I have stolen many a lick from this solo and I highly suggest you do the same.  Gomez’ phrases are concise and clear.  He uses modal ideas mixed in with be-bop phrases, pentatonic phrases, it’s all in there. As usual I’ve chosen to write the solo in treble clef as to avoid excessive ledger lines in bass clef.  Study this solo, memorize the licks you like.

And without a doubt be sure to buy the CD simply called ‘Steps Ahead’  at Amazon.  It’s the one released in 1982.  You won’t be disappointed. Here is a link to a free MP3 of ‘Pools’.

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