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Jaco Pastorius | “The Essential”

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Jaco Pastorius | “The Essential”

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine

Jaco Pastorius
“The Essential”

I know… I can hear you all the way from here. It goes something like, “ok. Did we REALLY need another Jaco compilation?”. Normally, I would agree… I’m (admittedly) kind of “Jaco’d out” when it comes to the steady stream of “best of”, “un-released” (which, often, were UN-released for a good reason), etc… But, I promise…this one’s different. The answer is, “Yes.. You do!”.

This really may the be THE definitive compilation of Jaco’s finest recorded work throughout his life. Presented in a well thought out and respectful manner, this 2-disc set is quite something. While focusing, primarily, on his solo releases and Weather Report recordings, also included are some highlights from his work with Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny. Although many of us may (should) have all or most of these recordings already, if ever you wanted to present Jaco to a budding bassist or jazz lover, THIS would be the way to do it. No fluff and Jaco at his best.. Just as we like to remember him.

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