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Album Review: Black Lives – From Generation to Generation

Album Review: Black Lives - From Generation to Generation

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Album Review: Black Lives – From Generation to Generation

Black Lives – From Generation to Generation…

Black Lives – From Generation to Generation Features: Reggie Washington, Sekou Bah, David Gilmore, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, John Hebert, Stephany Castro, Adam Falcon, Jeremy Pelt, and Ben Williams on bass.

One of the most wonderful aspects of music is human collaboration. Two or more people come together and collaborate to produce a sonic blend that conveys feelings and often a very profound message. On Black Lives – From Generation to Generation, twenty-five musicians from the US, Caribbean, and Africa banded together and composed music that serves the purpose of combating systemic racism in the world.

On this album, we are treated to a total of twenty unique tracks on two discs or records that progressively tell a story both musically and with the spoken word delivering the key message.

The songs are arranged in just the right order so you need to listen to them in series to follow the direction that these very talented composers want you to travel.

The music is very diverse and reflects many genres and styles. The bass work is clear and precise and everyone did a superb job with their performances. The melodies are full of the geographic nuances and differences that characterize this world music but, in the end, the main message is consistent… we are all equal and deserve to be treated with fairness and justice.

I ask our viewers to consider listening to and supporting this amazing piece of work with open ears, hearts, and minds to realize that we all need to be part of the cure to this plague of ignorance and cruelty that is still too prevalent in our world.

Black Lives – From Generation is available at and

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