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A Day In His Life


A Day In His Life


Dear Bass Player Friends,This month, I bring to you my transcription of, “A Day In His Life”. This is a song from my first album, “Seven Waves” featuring Guillaume Eyango (Alternity Records).All of the orchestration was created with three, 8-string fretless sub-basses:

–  1 is playing the melodic line
–  Another one is playing the chords
–  The last one is playing the bass line

This is the most difficult song of the album. I was supposed to record it without voice, but my talented friend Guillaume wanted to do something with it, and we like what we have.

I chose my instruments for the songs in relationship to the range necessary and the sound desired. In, “A Day In His Life”, the range is 5 octaves, which is the range of my 8-string sub-basses.

I like the idea that with a wide range of 5 octaves, you have the ability to give each part its own distinctive voice with no interference from the other parts.

The melodic and harmonic parts are written in G clef for more clarity. The melody sometimes goes very high (bar 16). It is difficult to stay in tune all the time while keeping good phrasing.

The chords are built like pianist chords, with no root inside and only 3 notes to express complex chords (Cm9, A7(#9), Ab7(9), G7(#9)). The root is played in the bass line. Each chord generally uses the 3rd, 7th and an extension note, like the 9th.  Some of the chords are particularly difficult on fretless, like the Cm9 (bar 9).

Almost all of the bass part can be played on a 5 or 6 string bass, but some notes can be below the standard range (example: bar 28).
This bass part can require some time to be played with the correct groove.

Please listen to this song several times, and try to hear distinctly each of the 3 parts. Then start to learn each part separately.  Please work at your own rhythm, some details can be vey difficult.

Enjoy the song and when you feel comfortable with it, try to record your own version.

Have fun; music should always be used to give good emotions and pleasure!

Thank you for reading and enjoying this article.

Please click on the first link below to listen to “A Day In His Life”
Next click on the next 4 links to start downloading the transcription…
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