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Garage to Gigs… A Musician’s Guide by Andrew Thomas

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Garage to Gigs… A Musician’s Guide by Andrew Thomas

Here is a book suitable for all musicians wanting to do the “Band Thing”. Touted as the “Road Map for any musician”, I would call it more of an “Atlas”!

Loaded with a wealth of detailed information, this book can take you from the initial moment you start to consider joining a band up to successful professional gigging. There are useful hints for the neophyte, (Such as the obvious need for reliable transportation to and from gigs) to tips that a Pro could use. (Like, How to create your Press Kit).

To give you an idea just how thorough this book is, just let me list the chapters.

  • Preparing yourself to play in a band
  • Considering what kind of band to form or join.
  • Finding musicians or a band
  • Auditioning musicians for your band or auditioning to join a band.
  • Pulling your band together
  • Recording a demo to get gigs and market your band
  • Creating your band’s promotional materials
  • Finding gigs for your band
  • Promoting your gigs
  • Preparing for your gig
  • Playing the gig
  • Building and maintaining momentum

In summary, this book provides a practical view to aspiring performers and can serve as a solid reference to the most seasoned veterans of the music profession.

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