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Darin Clendenin | “Revenir” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Darin Clendenin | “Revenir” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Darin Clendenin

PIanist Darin Clendenin may not be a household name, but has a wonderful reputation in the NorthWest as a versatile and sensitive musician that always operates on the highest of levels.  This album displays in very clear terms, what we know to be true.  While there is a distinct lack of technical gymnastics (refreshingly), what comes through is the musicality present in every note choice and composition here.  I personally found this CD to be very meditative…  Every tracks sails on in a steady stream of melodicism, taste and musicality.  There is a vibe captured here that begs you to relax and listen.  Some may perceive this music as a little on the “safe” side harmonically but, when done well (as this is) I find it refreshing to not feel like the musician is trying to prove to me what a monster they are but rather, showing me how beautiful they feel music can be.  Revenir is a beautifully tranquil and moving statement that recalls the reflective nature of a rainy evening in the NorthWest and I personally really enjoyed my time with it.

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