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Contrabass Conversations With Jason Heath : Special Edition- 100 Episodes



Meet Jason Heath –

We’ve finally reached 100 episodes of Contrabass Conversations! In this special episode, we hear how many of our guests from our first two years of podcasting began playing the bass.

You can listen to this episode by clicking the link below (right-click or control-click and choose ‘save as…’ to download it to your computer):


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In this issue of Bass Musician magazine, you’ll be hearing excerpts from the following guests. Complete episodes featuring all of these guests (and many more!) can be found at the Contrabass Conversations website, along with complete biographies and links to guest websites:

1. Andy Anderson – Lyric Opera of Chicago

2. Phillip Serna – teacher and early music specialist

3. John Grillo – former New World Symphony, co-host of CBC

4. Bjorn Berkhout – composer

5. Kate Nettleman – principal bass of Hong Kong Philharmonic, newest member of Minnesota Orchestra

6. Weldon Anderson – freelance bassist and composer

7. Ira Gold – National Symphony

8. Francois Rabbath – soloist

9. Greg Sarchet – Lyric Opera of Chicago

10. Lawrence Hurst – Indiana University bass professor

11. Eric Hochberg – jazz bassist

12. Michael Hovnanian – Chicago Symphony

13. Rob Kassinger – Chicago Symphony

14. Jeff Turner – Pittsburgh Symphony

15. Ranaan Meyer – Time for Three

16. Guy Tuneh – soloist and chamber musician

17. Peter Tambroni – teacher and author

18. Colin Corner – former member Minnesota Orchestra

19. Brad Opland – Chicago Symphony

20. Scott Rosenthal – Theater/Broadway musician

21. Donovan Stokes – soloist and professor

22. Virginia Dixon – Suzuki bass

23. Peter Seymour – Project bassist, former New World Symphony and Cleveland Orchestra

24. Steve Reinfranck – luthier and teacher

25. Owen Lee – Cincinnati Symphony

26. Steve Rodby – Pat Metheney bassist

27. Lynn Seaton – jazz bassist, UNT jazz bass professor

28. Anthony Stoops – soloist and professor

29. Chris Threlkeld-Weigand – luthier

30. Barrie Kolstein – luthier

31. Dave Anderson – Louisiana Philharmonic, composer

32. Kristin Korb – jazz bassist and vocalist

33. Barry Lieberman – University of Washington, former L.A. Philharmonic

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Bass Videos

Artist Update With Mark Egan, Cross Currents



Artist Update With Mark Egan, Cross Currents

I am sure many of you are very familiar with Mark Egan as we have been following him and his music for many years now. The last time we chatted was in 2020.

Mark teamed up with drummer Shawn Pelton and guitarist Shane Theriot to produce a new album, “Cross Currents” released on March 8th, 2024. I have been listening to this album in its entirety and it is simply superb (See my review).

Now, I am excited to hear about this project from Mark himself and share this conversation with our bass community in Bass Musician Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Mark Egan

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Amazon Music

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Bass Videos

Review: Minuendo Lossless Earplugs Live 17dB



Review: Minuendo Lossless Earplugs Live 17dB

Minuendo Lossless Earplugs Live 17dB…

Minuendo Lossless Earplugs Live 17dB – Hearing protection has always been front and center on my mind because I love music so much, I cannot imagine my life if I were unable to hear.

You might remember back in 2021, we had a good look at the Minuendo Lossless Earplugs featuring adjustable protection. This system has a lot of very good features but there was always the question of how much sound attenuation to choose.

Now, the great folks at Minuendo have come up with a new version of their earplugs that has a set 17dB noise reduction. You still get a lot of the great features of the adjustables but you just don’t have to think about the specific sound level. In addition, this new version of earplugs comes at a very attractive price point.

For more information, visit online at

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Bass Books

Review: The Bastard Instrument, A Cultural History of the Electric Bass by Brian F Wright 



Review: The Bastard Instrument, A Cultural History of the Electric Bass by Brian F Wright 

I was intrigued when The Bastard Instrument showed up on my desk… let’s dig in!

When we dive into the history of our beloved instrument, the bass, we find roots that go back as far as the 15th century. This instrument was a member of the violin family and was for the longest time, an acoustic instrument. As the years passed and music changed, there was a need for the instrument to evolve and the electric bass was born.

Comparatively, the electric bass is a relatively new instrument with its earliest appearances dating back to the 1930s and it is exciting to be an electric bass player while this history unfolds around us. Fortunately for us and future generations to come, Professor Brian F. Wright has taken on the herculean task of documenting the trajectory of the electric bass with this excellent book.

The Bastard Instrument presents an extraordinary amount of fine details about the instrument itself, the development of the amplification to handle its output, the pioneers that dared play it, the rapidly evolving music that flourished because of its presence and so much more. 

When I first started reading this book, I noticed that it felt a tad academic, like a textbook (it might be one someday) or a doctoral thesis, but to present all this information accurately, this approach is more than appropriate. Another detail that might be a bit of a spoiler is that the book only gets us up to the late ’60s. I was left wanting more as we know that so much has happened in the bass world since that time frame; I hope there is another volume in the works to get us up to the present!

All in all, “The Bastard Instrument, A Cultural History of the Electric Bass” is a must-read for all of us who play electric bass and understand its essential place in music.

I found that there was a lot that I already knew but also quite a bit that I was unaware of. I believe that to know and understand where you are, you must know the history of exactly how you got here.

Highly recommended.

The Bastard Instrument is available at (beginning July 2024)

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This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram



TOP 10 Basses of the week

Check out our top 10 favorite basses on Instagram this week…

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Bass Videos

Interview With By the Thousands Bassist Adam Sullivan



Interview With By the Thousands Bassist Adam Sullivan

Bassist Adam Sullivan…

Hailing from Minnesota since 2012, By the Thousands has produced some serious Technical Metal/Deathcore music. Following their recent EP “The Decent”s release, I have the great opportunity to chat with bassist Adam Sullivan.

Join me as we hear about Adam’s musical Journey, his Influences, how he gets his sound, and the band’s plans for the future

Photo, Laura Baker

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