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Fretless Bass with Yves Carbonne : Melodic Exercice for Intonation and Technique

Meet Yves Carbonne –

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Dear Bass Players Friends,

This month, I bring to you an exercise that can be played on a 4-string standard bass with a range of 3 octaves. It’s a variation on a A7 chord.

The difficulty with the fretless bass guitar is to be able to really hear what you want to play, so you can play in tune. Hearing what you are going to play before playing it is also a good way to play what you want and not only what you can play with your habits. So before grabbing your fretless, try to read the exercise and to sing each note. You can write numbers close to the notes for intervals with the A as the root. It will help and develop your ear ability.

After this first step, you can start very slowly with the bass. The goal of this exercise is to make you play on all of the bass range, using the open strings as a reference for a correct intonation.

When you start to be comfortable, you can increase the tempo slowly. This exercise is also interesting for practicing the capacity to play with fluidity on the whole neck, which is from my point of view the most difficult technical aspect on the bass guitar.

Thank you for reading and enjoying this article.

Have fun!

Please click on the link “Melodic Exercise” below
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