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In Numbers There is Strength…. (And we’re living that one)

Editor's Notes

In Numbers There is Strength…. (And we’re living that one)

Meet Editor, Jake Kot –

We’re definitely living in the information age thanks to the technology that abounds, and being informed adds a unique dimension to any aspiring individual. To reiterate one of my favorite passages….Knowledge is Power, and BMM has taken some serious strides in that direction.

I’ve learned through the many interviews I’ve conducted that diversity is a commonality, and ranks high on the list of priorities for many of the artists we watch closely in an effort to learn from. In that spirit, I’m glad to announce a list of new staff members coming on board; diverse in structure, well versed, and will most assuredly add to the creative and educational possibilities sought after by our readers.

In our next issue (Aug/Sept), we’re glad to be bringing on board Bass masters Tom Kennedy, Oteil Burbridge, and Doug of Wimbish. (They’re all on the road at present) All three of these players are well respected figures in the bass community with sterling resumes, and will bring yet another dimension of bass artistry to the magazine.

In this issue…

British bassist Biscuit (lota “B”s there) opens up a new column for us called Rock Artist Spotlight. It’s taken some time, but we’re glad to be able to offer the due recognition that is deserved to this side of the bass community. He opens up with an interview with J.D. Deservio, and has already scheduled upcoming interviews with rock legends Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm.

Northwest bassist Don Campbell opens up yet another column for us called Blues and R&B Spotlight. This is another genre of bassists we’re glad to finally acknowledge and give exposure to, and he opens up with an interview with legendary bassist Jerry Jerrmott.

Bassist Bill Harrison who runs Play Jazz Now, a series that features downloadable play along tracks, will bring that feature to the magazine in an effort to expand our educational opportunities. We’re glad to be able to offer this option to our readers.

Latin guru Michael Lazarus who runs the Latin/Cuban website TIMBA, joins us in an effort to introduce an in depth look at this genres strengths and subtleties, which are being used more and more as of late by a variety of artists.
San Francisco bassist Bill Lanphier, who sports an impressive resume, joins us with an in depth look at Balkan music inspired by his new book 21 Bulgarin & Macedonian Instrumentals & Vocals. This particular style of music constitutes a serious look into odd meter and an approach to dealing with it, a subject rarely touched on but an invaluable tool for any bassist to consider looking into.
8 string Chilean bassist Igor Saavedra (who also sports an impressive resume) comes on board featuring master classes from his two volume book Applied Technique For The Electric Bass. He will also be touching upon muti-string bass techniques as well.

And finally, (in our next issue) bassist Carl Dawkins from England comes on board. Carl has already built an impressive resume by his young twenties, and will head up the column, Guide for the Up&Coming Bassist, with tips on getting started in the industry which he personally has shown an adept ability towards, as well as showing a strong writing persona.

Looking to expand your capabilities many times will fall in places (or with players) you wouldn’t have considered looking into on your personal path as an artist. I’m honored to head up this magazine that continues to give you those options which grow expedientially over time, and feature musicians who have taken time to document and share what they’ve personally learned and experienced. Once again, knowledge is power, and we hope we’ve expanded the possibilities derived from that knowledge for you on your personal quest, and I’ll end with this quote from James Genus.

“You know, the great ones always cross over musically, like Herbie, Miles, and Mike Brecker…. It’s just all about playing the music—-that’s it”.


Jake Kot, Editor

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