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2nd Anniversary Issue…

Editor's Notes

2nd Anniversary Issue…

Meet Editor, Jake Kot –

Welcome to our 2nd Anniversary issue. I’m proud to say that the development and growth of this entity has more than surpassed our initial vision of where we could take this. Staff membership, the Community, and our Sponsors continue to grow. The comradery within the Bass Community continues to be second to none in my opinion, and we all benefit from that phenomenon. The insight and depth that has been shared in each of our interviews over the last two years is nothing less than priceless, especially at this point in time. The positioning of the Arts in our society is questionable at best these days, but the sincerity of concern and passion amongst those involved “within” the arts that I’ve been lucky enough to speak to stands firm and unchallenged… what a privilege to be able to let people know that being involved in the arts is not just an altruistic hobby.

A quote from Oteil Burbridge (who by the way wrote an outstanding article on “attitude” in this issue) from the “Words to Gig By” section seems to work well with where I’m going: “If you abandon art, you abandon culture itself. Self-expression is what separates us from the animals… true creative expression. That should be up there as one of the most important things we experience”. This magazine is first and foremost dedicated to the greater message of that quote. We’re here to try to cover every side of any Artist’s journey, and sharing those experiences with our readers helps a publication like this actually make a difference out there, and that’s a pretty damn good statement.

We’re grateful to our ever-growing staff for taking the time to share their insights and thoughts, and will continue to expand that roster in hopes of being able to cover any players’ needs or questions. We’ll also be expanding our gear review section as well to meet the needs of our reader’s requests. Another inclusion we are working on is setting up on-line lessons (again in response to our readers)… we’re looking forward to opening up that possibility. Our Community also continues to grow on a regular basis, and we’re glad to be able to offer a platform for everyone to be heard. To engage is to progress, and we plan to be here for a long time giving everyone the opportunity to get involved. We thank you for your patronage, and as always, let us know what you’re thinking… we’re listening.


Jake Kot, Editor

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