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Thoughts… / Tips for Up-and-Coming Bassists with Carl Dawkins


Thoughts… / Tips for Up-and-Coming Bassists with Carl Dawkins

Meet Carl Dawkins –

So, here I am typing away and trying to figure out exactly how I got here- enough to be able to support myself as a musician, and lucky enough to be writing for this magazine. The point of my columns issue by issue is to help other bass players like myself trying to get into the same situation: progressing as a bass player in the musical world.

Although we all play the same instrument, the reasoning behind why we started bass and why we want to progress at the bass is almost always different. This raises the questions – how come everybody isn’t doing it? The answer is that although we all have different goals and reasons for wanting to play bass. There are a LOT of bass players doing it and I guarantee that there is always one better or more dedicated than yourself trying to do it.

So, where does this leave us? If everyone is trying to do the same thing, then why bother…?

Wrong. Because as soon as you start thinking this your on a slippery slope! So the first thing that must always be put into practice is ‘stay positive’. You could lose the opportunity of a lifetime, but as long as you stay positive then others will come along. Every time an idea falls through or you don’t get an audition, you may feel a bit blue for a few days, or even a week, but the longer you stay in this negative frame of mind, the more opportunities you will lose.

Life is all experience and even the bad ones help us. I have had many opportunities come my way – some better than others- and some of them do fall through. Whether it’s your fault or just circumstance, all you can do is analyze the situation, don’t dwell on it, and move forward. Easier said than done yes, but after the first knockback has settled and you get an even better opportunity come your way, it will be easier to deal with anything that may stand in your way.

Everyone suffers from things that prevent them getting where they want. I guarantee any professional will share their stories or rejection.

Now I know this all sounds very depressing for the for first article, but I thought I would get this covered now because so many young bass players lose there confidence, their desire to play and their want for success early on because they suffer a minor setback and don’t know how to – or don’t want to – deal with it.

Any feedback, or knockback stories that may be helpful to others then please share them on here!

Thank guys and see you next issue… And remember stay positive!

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