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Carl Dawkins

Carl Dawkins

In his short time in the Industry, Carl has developed himself into one of the country's most exciting and all rounded musicians, growing with the metal genre and then broadening his listening and passion for all music, brought him to develop his playing and style into the versatile player he is today. Initially self taught, Carl now studies at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Kilburn, London, where he is studying for a degree in popular music performance. With this, Carl also teaches and finds himself regularly playing for different artists across the board. Combining his musical ability with a magnetic stage presence, honed through a determined career of stage performance, his stature in the business is inevitable. Carl has gigged and toured all over Britain and is not afraid to try something new. Playing everything from the Local bar to major venues and festivals. Having a professional yet outgoing personality, his ability to get on with almost anyone proves a pleasure and a bonus when constantly working with people. Having sessioned for several bands in the UK during 2008 and in that year touring Britain several times, his dedication and determination shine on. Having also endorsing Warwick Basses and Amps, and becoming the in house session bassist for White House Studios - there are high hopes for 2009!

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