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Bass Book Reviews: In this Issue

Bass Books

Bass Book Reviews: In this Issue

Review by Raul Amador –

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One of the fun things about book reviews is that I get to experience lots of interesting and varied material! That said let’s have a look at what we have in our “Book-Bag” for this issue.

“Practice Made Perfect” by Roberto Moretti.

No matter what you do, you have to practice to get good at it or to grow enough to reach your goals. This applies to Bass playing but also carries over to anything in life. Roberto has dissected the whole process and by doing so, he can help us learn to practice more effectively and easier.

We start with an explanation of how learning happens.
Next, we have a “System” that we can apply to our particular skill to enhance our practice efforts.
Lastly, Roberto covers a list of additional things to consider.
This book is an easy read and full of useful tips that I intend to apply to my practice routine as well as to life in general. It might help you too!

“The Les Paul Guitar Book” by Tony Bacon

OK, I know this is not about Basses, but in honor of Les Paul who passed last August 13th, I want to mention this book.

Here is a photo-illustrated book that covers the entire Gibson Les Paul story. Loaded with details and well organized, this tome guides you through the evolution of these guitars.

There is a massive reference listing that covers models from 1952 until 2009.

This book is a must if you are a Les Paul Guitar fan and still a good read even if you aren’t!

“Green Day… 21st Century Breakdown” music book from Alfred publishing

Are you a “Green Day” fan? Did you enjoy this CD? Do you want to play it? You read TAB?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. It covers all the music from the May 15, 2009 release quite nicely. There is no CD with this book, but then you probably already have it…Enjoy!

Now lets discuss some books that will help build your musical foundation and take you further along the path of musical growth.

“Theory for the Contemporary Bassist” by Tracy Walton

This book is intended to be ” The ultimate guide for Blues, Rock and Jazz bassists”. I think it does a great job at covering an area often overlooked…. Theory. Written to start at the beginning and using an easy, step by step approach, there is a ton of information here for you to get under your belt!

Topics covered include:
Scales, Keys and Key Signatures
Introducing chords, 7th Chords, Expanding your Chord Vocabulary, Chord Progressions
Pentatonic Scales, Major Scales, Minor Scales
Modes of the Major scale
Passing tones and Approach Notes
The Twelve Bar Blues
Rhythm Changes
Bebop Scales revisiting Slash chords

Lastly I will point out that this book has worksheets for self-study and presents examples in Standard Music Notation as well as TAB.

“Foundation Exercises for Bass” by Chuck Sher

Here is a book that is for every kind and style of bass out there!

I find that this book would be best if used with a live teacher. There is a lot of very concentrated information and it is all Standard Music Notation. Working with your teacher, you can get a lot from this book.

Intermediate level players:
The content here is designed to help you improve if you already have some kind of foundation.
This book is structured so it can be used in lessons and offers the flexibility to be custom tailored to each students needs.

So, all you teachers out there, you might want to check this one out to see if it fits with your teaching approach!

“Intro to Polyrhythms. Contracting and Expanding Time within Form” Vol. 1 by Ari Hoenig & Johannes Weidenmuller

Here we have a very interesting DVD/Book set. Well beyond beginner’s levels (best for intermediate to advanced players) this one works on the more percussive, advanced rhythm element of music, Jazz in particular.

Double bassists and drummers will benefit most from this one but there is material for pianists as well which can carry over to all instrumentalists.

If Jazz trio stuff is your cup of tea, here is a big teapot! Check it out!

Well, that is it for now… Happy reading!

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Interested in Bass Books, CD’s and DVD’s? If so,
Join the discussion in the Bass Musician Magazine Community!

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