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Billy Sheehan IMHO (In my humble opinion) DVD

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Billy Sheehan IMHO (In my humble opinion) DVD

Review by Raul Amador –

Imagine that you could spend a day (or at least 117 minutes) at Billy Sheehan’s house and get some serious insight into his bass playing! This is what this DVD is going for. Once you get past the camera work, which can be distracting, this is a fun time.

Billy shares loads of pearls that he has picked up along the way.

Topics covered include:

* Staying in shape: How to be physically ready to perform
* Formal training VS. Self-teaching: Billy is self-taught and shares his approach.
* Working with a Drummer: Lock in with the bass drum.
* The Flinch: Self discipline, face the thing you avoid. Here we have an interesting discussion of 5 and 6 strings. (Are you running away from four strings?)
* Gear tour: Meet Billy’s original P-bass and get a look at the rest of Billy’s’ basses. Follow the evolution up to Billy’s signature Yamaha attitude and BB series basses.
* Repetition: The ability to repeat is supremely important. How can you get there?
* Practicing Vs Playing: Separate the art from the mechanics and make both improve!
* Greatest licks: Billy shares some of his favorites. Lift them if you can!

There is a special features section with footage from his Steve Vai tour, and some stories from Billy. By the way, don’t ask Billy about his influences; view the DVD to find out why for your self.

Enjoy a “Bass Hang” with Billy and see if it changes your playing.

Lastly, this DVD is formatted in a QuickTime file so you can watch it on your computer or your iPod!

This DVD is a must for the Rock Bass crowd!

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