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Ivo Neame | “Caught in the Light of Day”: Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Ivo Neame
“Caught in the Light of Day”

An honest moment.. I was tired, had written what I thought was “enough” reviews for the day, but I thought I’d toss this one into the player and check it out for a moment before leaving to get ready for my LONG gig tonight…
WHOA… Alright, I guess I can do one more… 😉

Ivo Neame is an extremely gifted pianist (and apparently, equally at home on sax?!). This quartet (PIano, vibes, upright bass, drums) is smoking! The compositions are both complex and beautiful (if you’re a lover of rhythm like I am, you’ll have a field day here. Very cool stuff!).

I will just say that the band is totally smoking, the music is modern, angular, complex and stunning and the over-all impression is jaw dropping. I’m really digging this one!

If you have a taste for more modern, aggressive and/or artistic approach to jazz, check “Caught in the LIght of Day” out!

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