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Review – Bass Line Continuum By Jason Raso

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Review – Bass Line Continuum By Jason Raso

Bass Line Continuum is an in-depth face-to-face (bass-to-bass) conversation between bassist/composer/author Jason Raso and his many friends and colleagues – who just happen to be some of the most prolific and influential bassists of the past 3 decades!

The foreword, written by the incredible Michael Manring, poses the question, “why do we do it?” That is to ask, why do those of us who spend hours seeking the elusive “perfect tone” do so though this particular instrument? The answer lies in Mr. Manring’s wonderfully prophetic words, “We’re just getting warmed up!”

By opening these pages, the reader of this beautifully written book join many of the top bass players in the universe as we travel through the Bass Line Continuum.

The suggestion proposed in this book is that we blessed few are born into the story of bass playing at different times, and as we contribute through our practice, learning methods, and playing experiences we speak into the lives of those who enter this world behind us, as our younger brothers and sisters. Though the journey can be frustrating on many levels, there are indescribable rewards along the way! One of those rewards lies in listening intently to the voices of our influences, and learning to harness focus, depth, and positivity, that then finds ourselves sharing experiences that then speak into the lives of others. It is a brilliant concept that is very well articulated through the voices of Jason’s own influences – none other than the likes of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Stuart Hamm, and Billy Sheehan! Not to be overlooked, the voices of acoustic bassists Edgar Meyer, and John Goldby includes that instrument. Jason also enlists the voices of Mike Downs, Alissia Benveniste, Richard Bona, Tony Levin, Ed Friedland and others as the book paces through thoughts ranging from a few well-written lessons, to developing your musical voice and how to practice effectively. The book ends with an incredible series of interviews with a list of interviews that includes virtually every bassist you have ever longed to read about! Even the great Derek Smalls, or Spinal Tap fame, graces the enviable list of low-end lords! This is a must read for any disciple of the basses.

Included interviews: Bryan Beller, Matt Bissonette, Rich Brown, Scott Devine, Mark Egan, Damian Erskine, Matthew Garrison, John Goldsby, Jonathan Herrera, Jerry Jemmott, Percy Jones, Dave LaRue, Jon Liebman, Michael Manring, Jonathan Maron, Christian McBride, Edgar Meyer, Marcus Miller, Meshell Ndegeocello, Adam Nitti, John Patitucci, Rufus Reid, Billy Sheehan, Lee Sklar, Rhonda Smith, Steve Swallow, Mark King, Doug Wimbish, Alain Caron… Outstanding! Great job, Jason Raso!

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