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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Derek Frank | “Let the Games Begin”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Derek Frank | “Let the Games Begin”

Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine

Derek Frank
“Let the Games Begin”

Derek Frank was the baddest bass player (bar none) in my high school.  I haven’t seen him in over a decade (or two?) and I’m happy to report..  he still is!

He’s been keeping busy laying some very solid bass for many artists in the LA scene.  A foundational player by nature, he’s also got the grease and has some of the tastiest licks you’re likely to hear in a while.  Derek’s playing is his own, but stylistically (and for your reference) I’d have to say that he is reminding me of Rocco or Bobby Vega with his finger style sound and groove.  When he slaps, Reggie Hamilton comes to mind..  I’ll let the comparisons stop there, tho because Derek very much has his own voice on the instrument.

He’s just as solid as it gets!  He makes a statement with every bass line but NEVER gets in the way of the music.  This is primarily a harmonically sophisticated groove album (ala soul live or Lettuce).  While primarily original material, the covers are awesome.  The coolest version of “I Can’t Go For That” that you’re likely to ever hear and a version of “Pusherman” that would make Curtis Mayfield proud.  I’m very excited for Derek with this release!  He sounds absolutely wonderful and (judging from his band) he is keeping very good company in So. Cal.  Greasy, grooving and tasty…  Just how I like it (and you will too)!

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