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BMM Evolves!!

Meet Editor Jake Kot –

Before I get to my column, I’d like to invite you to check out everything that’s happening with the new Bass Musician Magazine (which I’ll go into detail about), by clicking here to sign up to receive the latest mag content and up-to-date news and events.

Over the past year we’ve seen serious growth in our readership as well as involvement in our bass community, and we thank you for your patronage. Of equal importance is the fact that we’ve been “listening” to what our readers have to say as well, on a diverse array of topics. So, in response, BMM now presents a brand new platform with our reader’s requests in mind. A new look…an expanded informational construct. Here are some of the highlights:

We will now be entering content on a regular basis, as opposed to the bi-monthly format we’ve sported in the past. The reader can now log in at any time and check on the latest interviews, news, events, and articles. For those on our email list, you’ll be notified of “any” new content via your inbox within a day of its posting. We will continue to feature our “Cover Story”, which will now be up on the first of “every” month, as well as my Notes from the Editor column.

We’ve opened the door for our readers to post comments on our articles. My personal viewpoint: Discourse is the heart of growth. Being open to opinions, without prejudice, is vital to any concerned individuals learning process. A quote from my new soon to be released book (sorry for the shameless plug) is actually quite appropriate here: “To engage is to progress”.

Our readers can now email, save, or share articles to their preferred network/social community…an invaluable tool to open up new correspondence.

We now offer a translation feature for those outside of our stateside contingency. I view “global” interaction as a necessity as far as any 21st century artist is concerned.

For those on the move, this new platform offers a much more phone friendly environment when needed…enlightenment on the run!

If I can speak in terms of commonalities, throughout the many interviews I’ve done over the past three years, I’ve come to understand and appreciate how individual players have worked, progressed, and evolved in their careers, and how that kind of unending dedication has kept them all an integral part of the bass community as well as part of the overall artistic environment in their own right.
We’ve also been keeping an awareness of “our” overall growth as an information source, and look to keep that awareness at the forefront of our decision making process. Knowledge is power…pure and simple, and we’ll do our best to continue that thrust as the focus of BMM, making it our mantra. Once again, we thank you for your patronage, and if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to sign up.


Jake Kot, Editor

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