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Scott Lafaro Walking Bass Transcription

Scott Lafaro Walking Bass Transcription…

Another walking bass transcripton, following Paul Chambers and Jimmy Garrison, this time we look at virtuoso upright bassist Scott Lafaro who has gone far too young. The song is a simple Blues from “This is Pat Moran” (by Pat Moran trio, track B6, 1958 AF), the lines are fluid and astounding, exploring every place on the neck and expanding the role of the bass in a trio setting while keeping it musical all along. It is challenging on an electric bass as well, must be worth a year’s practice on the upright.

As a homework look at the previous two walking bass lessons and try to analyse the harmonic content for this bass line using the information used in those transcriptions. Listen to the original track and have fun! You can find the transcription files (gp5, pdf) in the video description!

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