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Editor's Notes

3rd Anniversary Issue… Some Thoughts

Meet Editor Jake Kot –

This issue marks BMM’s 3rd year of publication. Comments have come in thanking us for the relevancy of the content we’ve worked hard to provide, one of my favorites being, ”You are the new face of bass”. Obviously, we’re pleased to hear that, but my position stands firm as far as not even being close to the concept of “resting on our laurels”. Quite honestly, we’re beginning to see multiple new possibilities of expanding relevant content that I feel will make a difference for the bass community.

A new column I’ll be featuring is “Editor/Staff Perspective”. I’ll be reaching out to some of our staff members with a pertinent question once a month to get varied points of view on a relevant topic. There will not be any one particular perspective that works for everyone, period, and this is the heart of what this column will feature. This will create dialogue, and dialogue quite simply is a great learning tool. Also, starting with the August issue, I will be presenting a video for each issue featuring a short clip from my new book “An Artistic Guide to Economic Survival”. Forgive the shameless plug, but this is about sharing some insights on getting ahead in this economy which has become quite a challenge these days for players on all levels. We’ll also take steps to broaden our genre coverage in an effort to bring relevant content to every stylistic format.

Knowledge is power, and that formula will remain at the heart of this publication. Applying your imagination and creativity to that knowledge is the extra step necessary to get the information “working for you” in some capacity. Your creativity should not be bound strictly to your art. Becoming a successful artist in today’s society has become a multi-faceted effort, and I hope BMM serves as a tool to help co-ordinate that effort, maximizing your chances to make your art your life…a damn nice goal in my opinion.

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