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Anniversary Thoughts for Bass Musician Magazine by Steve Gregory


Anniversary Thoughts for Bass Musician Magazine by Steve Gregory

Meet Steve Gregory –

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, actually.

Three years ago, the first issue of Bass Musician Magazine was published and, by name alone, announced to the bass community that a different kind of periodical and resource was now available. The “new kid on the block” was unique by focusing on the bass musician. The bass musician, unlike the bass technician or bass enthusiast, is passionate about truly making music through the bass. The bass musician craves to learn more about music from the bass perspective, rather than bass in a vacuum.
Bass Musician Magazine has been, and continues to be, a tremendous resource for the bass musician. Leading bass musicians including Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson, Adam Nitti, Ron Carter, and many others have graciously offered insights into making music through the bass in Bass Musician Magazine cover stories (to view all of the covers, see In addition to the cover stories, incredible educators and players give words of wisdom, transcriptions, analysis, gear reviews, technique lessons, and much more in every issue. No style, technique, or viewpoint is left aside – educating the bass musician is Bass Musician Magazine’s top priority.

In addition to the bi-monthly magazine, Bass Musician Magazine is involved in the bass community. Bass musicians, unlike some other instrument players, thrive on community and sharing. Bass musicians are able to shed egos and unify to teach and learn from one another, allowing everyone to benefit! Bass Musician Magazine has developed the online Bass Musician Magazine Community ( and is involved in connecting with bass musicians everywhere through Facebook and Twitter. It is through sharing and learning from each other that the entire bass musician community will be elevated.

I am personally humbled and honored to be a part of Bass Musician Magazine. The chance to discuss bass in the worship environment has been a tremendous blessing and I thank Bass Musician Magazine for this opportunity. To the entire Bass Musician Magazine staff, congratulations on an amazing three years – many more are yet to come! To anyone who has not yet experienced Bass Musician Magazine – what are you waiting for? Join Bass Musician Magazine by reading the magazine, joining the community, and following Facebook and Twitter updates. Become a better bass musician today!

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