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Bass Musician Magazine Staff Shares Their Views on Our 3 Year Anniversary

Bass Musician Magazine has been a wonderful resource for the bass community, providing in-depth analysis of what’s happening in the world of serious bass playing and thought-provoking words from the masters, Thanks so much to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication and here’s hoping for many more years of great reading. I’m thrilled to have been involved!
Michael Manring

I consider Bass Musician Magazine the “DownBeat of Bass”, so to speak, in that it focuses on the jazz side of bass playing and features bassists who have found a way to take our instrument to the next level. It’s relevancy as a magazine will become more and more apparent over time. The concept of a web-only magazine that offers its entire and ever-growing archive of content available on demand is groundbreaking. Better yet, it’s translatable into 50 languages at the click of a button. If that’s not forward thinking, I don’t know what is.
Rick Suchow

BMM has proven to be the gold-standard (in my opinion) for what an online magazine can and should be. The content runs deep, the contributors are among the best out there and the site is easy to navigate. It’s been my honor to be involved and look forward to many more years of Bass Musician Magazine!
Damian Erskine

When BMM appeared on the scene, I noticed the difference immediately; First of all, I was presented with full-array of bass content in a user-friendly format. Second, the focus was (and is) on content vs. advertising and that focus really pleased me a lot. Years have passed and that spirit is still happening on every page.
Igor Saavedra

I am very happy to be and to have been a part of the Bass Musician Magazine community. The magazine offers a forum for bassists of all calibers, styles and beliefs to have an equal voice and to share information and favorite stuff- it doesn’t get any better than that. Keep on truckin…
Randy Kertz

I want to give a big congrats and thanks to Bass Musician Magazine for their 3rd anniversary! Over the years, Jake Kot and staff have continually produced an original product based in truth, a thing that’s somewhat rare these days…
Doug Johns

I am so proud and honored that I have been involved with Bass Musician Magazine from its’ beginnings. I remember Jake Kot’s excitement (and mine) when he first told me the idea of the mag and what it would be and could become. The fact that there are so many great players from various genres contributing to the mag is amazing in itself. I really dig that it is becoming more about a community that interacts and shares opinions, knowledge, etc. rather than just another online publication. Happy Anniversary to all involved! Ray Riendeau

Cheers and Happy Anniversary to Bass Musician Magazine! It is a great honor for me to be part of the BMM Family! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share knowledge with the world… Together we are making a difference, we are making history in music education and the music industry… and this is just the beginning!
Jaime David Vazquez

Wow, three years already! When we sat down to plan this magazine, I never could have imagined how it would connect me to so many amazing, talented musicians worldwide! Interviews, CD reviews, book reviews, live performances and personal correspondence have all made it possible to experience and share our common bond, the Bass, on so many levels. I look forward to so much more and of course sharing the journey with all our readers. This is just the beginning! Raul Amador, Creative Director BMM

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