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Bass Lines With Jaime Vazquez: Bass Lines – El Cumbanchero Part I

Meet Jaime Vazquez –

Greetings! This month, I will show you how to play my version of “El Cumbanchero.” This is a very popular song from Rafael Hernandez, regarded as the best composer of popular music that Puerto Rico has ever produced. I’m playing this theme live as a solo artist! Here we have my own arrangements for the Intro and the phrases for the Section A. The Intro is based on Cm. I’m just laying down the groove using the chord tones and the C Aeolian mode.

During the Section A, I’m playing the melodies in the low register and adding bass fills at the end of every phrase to give a sense groove. For the bass fills I’m using the C blues scale and the C Aeolian mode. Practice the song slowly and then increase the speed! Next month on Part II, I will show you the Section B, the Solo and the rest of my arrangements! Enjoy and keep grooving!

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