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Applied Techniques With Igor Saavedra: Tips for the Modern Bass Player – Part Four


Applied Techniques With Igor Saavedra: Tips for the Modern Bass Player – Part Four

Meet Igor Saavedra –

After many years of experience, after many mistakes, after many experiments, and finally after many conclusions, I think I have something to say regarding this matter. There’s no better master than experience itself, because when you experience something it is more likely that you’ll never forget it. So beware of this article, and don’t think because you read it you will be completely prepared for everything that might come your way because experience itself will be the only one that will really teach you.
There are tons of tips for me to give you, so this series of articles will be divided in 3 or 4 parts at least. I don’t want to give you all the tips at once because I think it will be much better for you if I give you enough time to think and to process each of them. Well, let’s go then with this fourth part.

On this last Part of the Saga that is going to be really very brief, the tips I will be sharing with you are not going to be related with the obvious aspects, like Technique, Equipment or Music Theory. On this article I’m sharing with you some thoughts that are going to be included on my Poetry Book that will be released in 2011. These thoughts are related with YOU, the “Human Being”.

Tip #1 – “I love the Electric Bass… but never forget this: “First of all you are a Person, then a Musician, and compared to that, the less important thing really is that you are a Bassist”.

Tip #2 – “Whichever experience you will have in your life that will not kill you.. is going to teach you something”.

Tip #3 – “Be Perseverant.. do not be Obstinate”.

Tip #4 – “Don’t worry so much about making a mistake in your life, because the most important action you can perform is not the one that you just did, it’s the following one… so the most important note that you can play, even if it’s a wrong note, is not the note you are actually playing, it is the following one”.

Tip #4 – “Perseverance and Talent are tools that are capable of building a house completely. The Talent makes it able for you to build a house in just one month that will last ten years, but your perseverance is capable of building a house in these same ten years that will last forever”.

Tip #5 – “I always tell my fans and followers in my Concerts and my Clinics that they have to always keep studying, and I often put myself as an example… but don’t take me wrong… what I really tell them is that my only Talent is to have been able to overcome in every moment and a thousand times my oppressive lack of Talent”.

Tip #6 – “Simplicity is the real treasure… and Complexity is just the key to its door”.

Tip #7 – “When I have one of those unlucky days in which I’m being attacked by a fanatic, dogmatic or fundamentalist position… the only thing I can think about, but not to say, is that if life would be only about music.., there would be nobody whom to dedicate a song”.

Tip #8 – “In my humble opinion… a Mistake only exists if it is sheltered by Ignorance, if that’s not the case, what you really just have is Irresponsibility and Inconsequence”.

Tip #9 – “The Error as a concept does not exist unless there is a context of successes on which to cope. Different, very different… is failure”.

Tip #10 – The greatest day in the life of a musician………. is one in which, after a long process the Neuron eventually hands over his work of years, so that the Hormone is responsible for publishing it.

This is for now my friends… I see you next month on my next article…

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