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Bang Tower Featuring Percy Jones on Bass

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Bang Tower Featuring Percy Jones on Bass

Acclaimed as a power-prog trio, Bang Tower, featuring Percy Jones on bass, Neil Citron on guitars, and Walter Garces on percussion totally encapsulates their trio status. This is a refreshing take of progressive compositions played with a serious no fear attitude. These virtuosos compliment the hell out of each other in a mix of genres with uninhibited interplay obviously being at the forefront of their endeavor.

Percy is doing what he does best, giving us that nothing less than totally unique voice on fretless…always a challenge as far as I’m concerned. He grooves hard and still always seems to be able to compliment both the composition and his cohorts, and then shines when given the improvisational go-ahead. Neil Citron covers a myriad of sounds graced with harmonic complexity, a great sense of melodic sensitivity, and some seriously burning chops to boot. All this is held together with the rhythmic expertise of Garces, which provides us with a tremendously wide musical landscape to be enjoyed.

This is not your average trio, nor is it your average “progressive” endeavor. You can tell it’s a music for music’s sake excursion and it’s evident they’re all enjoying their musical camaraderie to the max.

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