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Chance Wilder Onody to release “The Music That Was Us”

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Chance Wilder Onody to release “The Music That Was Us”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Outstanding Instrumentalist, Chance Wilder Onody, to release 3rd single, “The Music That Was Us!” Available worldwide January 15, 2019 on Spotify and all major streaming and download services.

Chance Wilder Onody performs one hundred (100) instrumental parts in this original composition. Doane Perry (Jethro Tull, Hall of Fame, Grammy Winner, Laughing Gull Studio) joins Onody on Drums and Percussion.

“The Music That Was Us” is Chance Wilder Onody’s first original compositional release from his growing catalogue of original works. Every intricate element in this sweeping lyrical recording has its place in telling the story through multiple instruments and layers of melodies and counter melodies. Onody combines multiple elements of the musical genres he loves in his composition, weaving Classical, Rock, Folk, Pop and Jazz together.

“Just listened to the completed “The Music That Was Us” tonight. What an absolutely fantastic job! The whole thing sounds and looks superb!”
Doane Perry

“The Music That Was Us” is a follow-up to Chance Wilder Onody’s “innovative, no boundaries style” that showcases the Bass as a lead instrument and shows it can perform any part of an orchestration at pitch. To achieve his vision, Onody modified his instruments with special strings and tunings.

It all started with Chance Wilder Onody’s first single, “Feeling Good,” in which he performs nineteen (19) big band parts all on bass. The “Feeling Good,” teaser video, with multiple images of Onody performing sixteen (16) basses, has over 1,176,333 views. That is across Facebook (706K); YouTube (393K); Instagram
(67K) and continues to grow across independent social media sites (10K).

In his second single, “Crimson Wings,” Chance Wilder Onody performed all sixty-four (64) parts of the Rock Symphony on Bass. Doctor O. Kitajima called the recording a Masterpiece starting with Onody’s brilliant arrangement. Onody had the great privilege of working with Doane Perry, Laughing Gull Studio, on this massive project. Two musicians sounding like an entire orchestra and rock band.

“Chance you have touched my soul and changed the way I look at Bass”
Harold “Hal” Henkel (Composer, Producer, Session Player, The Flying Camels)

Chance Wilder Onody is often referred to as a virtuoso, a prodigy, and a master musician, in the press and by his peers. Onody has a very distinctive sound and is known for his moving melodies, emotional improvisations, lush orchestrations and masterful arrangements.

For more information, visit or follow Onody on Facebook or Instagram.

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