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Bass Lines With Jaime Vazquez: El Cumbanchero Part II

Meet Jaime Vazquez –

Hello Bass Players… Hope you’re grooving a lot!

Last month we played and studied the Intro and Section A of my version of “El Cumbanchero” by Rafael Hernandez. This month, we’re going to practice the Section B and the Bass Solo. During Section B, I’m playing the melodies in the low register and adding bass fills at the end of every phrase to give it a sense groove. Forthe bass fills, I’m using the F natural minor scale on the 1st phrase. For the 2nd phrase, I’m playing the G Phrygian mode with a major 7th. Also, you have 16 bars for soloing over a Cm7 chord. Amazing! Remember! Practice the song slowly and then increase the speed!

Enjoy and keep practicing!

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