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Bass Player News Takes Off! is a new service that shows musicians which record labels, publishers and managers are currently looking to sign new acts, as well as gig opportunities for bands. Recently launched, the website makes the whole process of pitching music “more efficient and targeted”.

This exciting new website comes with a built in song management tool, allowing it’s members to upload their music and profile to the Audio Rokit server and pitch their music to pre-listed music opportunities with ease.

“I needed a better way to pitch my music. Like most musicians, I love the creative process but not the boring ‘networking’ and pitching of my music! The problem is the pitching is the vital part, without a professional pitching strategy you are left with songs sitting on your hard drive and no hope of being spotted, says Darren of Audio Rokit.”

Darren, the founder of interviewed record label A&R prior to designing the internal management system to make sure it was exactly what they wanted also. “This only works because we have listened to the industry. The whole website was designed around the needs of the A&R first, we knew that if they found value with our service, it would ultimately benefit musicians.”

Already endorsed by successful musicians and published songwriters, the future looks bight for AudioRokit and its members. Record label CEO Shabs commented, “This will help a lot of composers place their songs, as well as giving artists a chance to go direct to the companies that are actively searching for new talent.”

Creating a profile with AudioRokit is free, and full membership (required to use the internal pitch system) is £6.99/month. AudioRokit’s ethos is to ‘make the main thing the main thing’, meaning that rather than constantly adding bits to their website, they are focused on their core service – providing quality industry leads to musicians as well as talent to the music industry, and aim to do that better than anyone else.

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