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Eduardo Del Signore Calls Attention to Climate and Social Change

Eduardo Del Signore Calls Attention to Climate and Social Change

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Eduardo Del Signore Calls Attention to Climate and Social Change

Eduardo Del Signore’s A Call 2Peace Foundation Calls Attention to Climate and Social Change, Using Tools from Mojave Audio…

A Grammy-nominated artist with a career spanning over 50 years and numerous collaborations with artists such as Jon Anderson of Yes and Brazilian legend Milton Nascimiento, Eduardo Del Signore has found new inspiration by combining his love of music to support climate and social change. Recently, Signore created a platform for artistic expression called A Call 2Peace foundation, designed to bring awareness to other organizations and the work they’re doing through concerts, events and fundraisers.  

“A Call 2Peace is a reminder that we all possess peace in our hearts, and that it’s our responsibility to visit this each day and enjoy it, embrace it and live by it,” Signore says. At the start of the pandemic, the foundation began a food recovery initiative that collected ½ million pounds of food from supermarkets, which were taken to distribution centers. The foundation also puts on the Tuesday Night Jazz concert Series in Santa Monica where Signore uses the MA-D. “I use the MA-D for all live performances, I compared it against the standard and now I can’t go back. The Mojave is so much better,” he says. 

Signore was interested in adding a Mojave MA-301fet mic into his workflow to be a dependable microphone that captures the true sound to represent his instrument. Since adding the mic to his kit, Signore has recorded an opera singer, violin, Spanish guitar, viola, cello, and more and finds the Mojave microphone to be user-friendly and an ideal solution that works perfectly for his many applications. 

Music to engage climate change 

Signore has an ongoing collaboration with ClimateMusic in San Francisco, an organization that synergizes the talent and expertise of work-class scientists, composers, musicians, artists and technology visionaries focused on engaging audiences on the issue of climate change. The organization commissioned a composition from Signore that focuses on three primary aspects: the effects of the industrial revolution to the present, and then projecting into the future with two different outcomes. “The first scenario looks at the future — if we carry on business as usual. The second looks at if we become active in certain areas, and how that could influence climate change,” Signore says. 

As part of his audio toolkit, Signore deployed the MA-D and other mics from Mojave to record the music. “I look for the instruments and accessories that allow me to express with the utmost clarity what I have to say. Whether it is for singing, or an instrument or recording someone else. For this project, I used the MA-301 fet microphone for all vocals and acoustic instruments. This microphone is so transparent and true to the source. It is the perfect portal for any vocals or instrument that I want to record,” he says. 

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