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Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Hadrien Feraud’s Bass Solo on Raju by John McLaughlin

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This tune is from John McLaughlin’s CD called “Floating Point”. And although Hadrien Feraud’s Bass Solo is a very short solo in terms of seconds (it starts at 3:17 into the track and ends at 3:44 making it only a scant 27 seconds long) but it is very LONG in terms of note choices, virtuosity, and musicality. Hadrien’s technique is stunning. To say he is a virtuoso is a massive understatement. In this solo Hadrien makes use of purely scaleular ideas (like in bars 10 and 11) chromaticism (bars 12 and 15) and double stops a half step apart (bars 1 and 2). The basic chord scale for the E13 is an E Mixolydian. For the C/D he uses a G major scale which works nicely. This solo is a terrific chops builder. If you can work it up to full speed and play along with the CD, post a video of yourself on YouTube, that’s what I plan on doing. See you there?

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