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Claiborne’s New Single is STELLAR!

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Claiborne’s New Single is STELLAR!

Stellar_1400X1400The new single from bassist, Mike Claiborne, is STELLAR, and that’s not just referring to the title of the tune. The bebop jazz tune brilliantly blends the art of the trio with some tasty fretless bass.

As Claiborne states, “Stellar is a tune that could have shown up on a Miles Davis album in the 1950s. The instrumentation I used, however, sounds more like fusion musicians in the 1970s playing Bop. THe overdriven guitar, Rhodes and the fretless Fender Jazz tones gave me visions of John McLaughlin, Chick Corea and Jaco Pastorius sitting in a studio in the 70s – an event that, to my knowledge, never occurred.”

While it might not have occurred, we can enjoy this possible glimpse into what may have happened, had it materialized. As usual, Claiborne has tracked all the parts, including the drum programming.

Stellar is available through, CD Baby, iTunes, and wherever digital music is sold.

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