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No Brainer Play Bass

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No Brainer Play Bass

“No Brainer Play Bass” is an entry-level instructional aid just loaded with good information. (I am not too flattered by the suggestion that you don’t need a brain to play our beloved instrument but I will look past this detail). An impressive team of authors collaborated on this tome including Chuck Archard, Dan Bennett, L.C. Harnsberger, Paul Lidel, David Overthrow, and Ron Manus.

The content gets you started with the very basics (parts of the bass, how to hold your bass, reading music, etc.) and are designed to guide you all the way up to being a Pro. There is a lot of information in this nice fat book so I will leave it to you to explore it all. The DVD (with over 125 minutes of MP3 audio) is always a welcome bonus when learning as I find I need to hear and see to really grasp the material.

Finally, there is a lot more here than just licks and tunes. I found a sample contract, true stories about bands, scales and a Basic Chord Dictionary. That said, even though we start with the basic stuff, this book has something for even the most seasoned player!

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