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Plucking Hand Workout For Electric Bass by Bernard Lackner

Plucking Hand Workout For Electric Bass by Bernard Lackner… Have you ever wanted to play better? Have you identified the problem to be your plucking hand? Are the exercises that you already know just not giving you the results you want? If so, then this is the book for you!

Bernard Lackner has sat down and written a workbook with 200 exercises designed to improve your plucking hand technique! (And a shout out to Adam Nitti who edited this work)

Easy to read and very organized, we are given guidance in the areas of Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Eight Note Triplets, Sixteenth Notes, Sixteenth Note Triplets and Quintuplets. There are even some “Stick man” illustrations to encourage your efforts!

The key here is working with your metronome or drum machine and almost forgetting you even have another hand. I can even see doing these exercises with a “Pocket Picker” or ” Shred-Neck” while you are out and about.

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