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Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Bassist Jaco Pastorius’ Bassline on Dry Cleaner From Des Moines

Jaco Pastorius met Joni Mitchell in 1976. Joni has said in interviews that at that time, around 1975-76 that she wanted a different kind of bass player, a bass player that could play melodies and chords. Well she got that and a lot more. Their collaborations produced some of the most eclectic, melodic, jazz-meets-folk music of the 70’s. This tune is just a straight up Bb Blues.

Jaco’s percolating, bubbling, syncopated bassline is a masterpiece . The way he uses dead notes, accents, and triplets is a master class in rhythm. It’s hard to believe that Jaco has been gone almost 25 years now. Gone but definitely NOT forgotten. Have fun with this. See you next time.

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