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Online Music Theft – Act Now!

From Jim Urie of…

Last year, I sent e-mails urging the music community to become more engaged in the fight against online music theft. Your response led to over 50,000 e-mails imploring Congress to pass aggressive laws to combat piracy and an impressive push for new legislation to help.

In January, a new Congress convened and the legislative process began again. Fortunately, building on the momentum generated last year, a bipartisan group of legislators recently introduced S. 968; a bill giving the Justice Department the authority to seek a federal court order to seize a domain name used by a website engaged in criminal piracy or counterfeiting. Under the bill the Court would also issue an order to intermediaries — such as ISPs, payment processors, Internet registries, advertisers, etc. — prohibiting them from doing business with such criminal operations.

Even if you sent an e-mail in support of this legislation last year, please do so AGAIN to be heard. Each and every one of us needs to act NOW if we want the legislation to gain momentum.

Please click HERE to send an e-mail to your Senators and Representative to ask that they support this innovative legislation. Take the time to ask your colleagues and friends to send a message as well. It’s easy to make an impact – just enter your home address and click “send.”

Jim Urie

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