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The Bass Community, Social Networking, and You

Editor's Notes

The Bass Community, Social Networking, and You

First off, I hope you are enjoying and making the most of our upgraded Bass Community section. Raul and Val have put serious time into this to help all of you get better connected and have more options for any type relevant info on yourself that you’d like to get out there. As always, my door is open to any communications you may want to steer my way that I might be able to assist you with. Social networking is almost a must these days, and we’ll be glad to help you in any way we can.

Speaking of social networking, in the “Applied Imagination” seminars that I’m setting up here in Portland, I’ve included in the text that comes with the course a section dedicated to social networking. As I stated, at this point in time it’s kind of irrefutable that networking is a very smart and beneficial tactic to embrace. One of the pieces of information I found concerning social networking is a list of one liners, or tips if you will written by “the” guru in marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson…99 Tips on Social Media Marketing. These are pretty priceless in my opinion. Just when you think you’ve got this niche down you find something like Levinson’s list and realize the learning never stops. If you’re interested in this, just drop me an email at and I’ll send that list to you…you’ll probably never approach Facebook the same way.

Here’s another “tip” if you will that I talk about in my course, creativity being the focus.

Consider this: Instead of putting out the message, “Check out my new CD”, (If I had a buck for every time I’ve seen that I’d have my Caribbean vacation covered) think about this presentation; I’ve just completed my new CD and I’ve been told it’s potentially “too” contemporary, too hip for the room. I would value your opinion on this premise, and appreciate your feedback after giving it a listen…thanks so much. Get my drift? Creativity does not have to begin and end with your playing. Widen your perspective, use your imagination, implement a strategy, and make it work for you. Not clear on my point, just email me… I’ll be glad to help.


Jake Kot

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