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Superstring by Jazz Pistols

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Superstring by Jazz Pistols

CD Review of Superstring by Jazz Pistols

Lets begin by pondering the number three. When you think about a tripod, a three- legged stool or someone walking with a cane, the concept of stability comes to mind. In religious or spiritual circles the number three is symbolic of completeness or the entirety of something. Now lets take all this and apply it to music. Three talented musicians unite to weave their instrumental voices in a complete expression of jazz!

The Jazz Pistols are Christoph Victor Kaiser on bass, Stefan Ivan Schäfer on guitar, and Thomas Lui Ludwig on drums.

“Energy jazz” is the term Wikipedia has listed to describe this groups’ music and I couldn’t agree more. Upbeat from the start, these dynamic fellows each have ample opportunity to display the range of their performance skills. I am particularly impressed by the bass work that Christoph brings us and pleased that we can hear him so clearly throughout the CD.

The title cut “Superstring” sets the tone with groove, variety and harmony. I think this piece gives us insight into the smooth and seamless interaction of the trio as they transcend through constantly changing time signatures. There is a story in the music even though there are no lyrics, superstring theory!

“Chick San” steps up to a Spanish flare bringing Chick Coreas’ work to mind but morphs into a whole different feel supported by a solid bass line and ultimately some nice bass soloing.

“Three Views of a Secret” lets us enjoy the Pistols’ interpretation of a classic Jaco piece. It is a nice chance to hear the band in a calm and less driven performance.

Since we are on the topic of interpreting some great music, don’t miss the bass line from Victor L. Wooten in “Sex in a Pan”. Lot’s of funky groove in this one!

All in all, we have a dazzling display of time signatures, grooves, colorful musicality and personal expression through out this CD. Nice work guys!
If you are a fan of Jazz Fusion with a particular desire for some high energy, this one is for you!

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