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Dialects, Idioms and Languages by Igor Saavedra

The musical styles are one of the most interesting and rich dimensions that music can offer to the world, but at the same time if they are conceived and understood in a wrong manner, they can get to a point that can create musical barriers among the regular people, and which is worse, among musicians.

As any dialect, they proliferated within a “Tribal context,” so Rockers, Jazzists, Folklorists, Blues Musicians, Classical Musicians and hundreds more of these “tribes” were spread through the surface of this planet “flying the flags of their own truth” without even noticing it.

The most interesting thing to mention here is that in this particular scenario, which is the Musicology and History of Music context, “The Dialect created the Tribe,” and not the opposite like will happen within the context of Anthropology and Sociology.

“Musicians who played Rock created Rock but Rock created the Rockers… and musicians who played Jazz created Jazz but Jazz created the Jazzists, etc… as you can see this is completely twisted, and for that reason in my opinion is a nonsense situation”.

I’m trying to say in fact that subterranean processes took control of this potentially perfect musical situation which was the amazing variety of musical styles, and that the avid and greedy dogma “ate” some part of this beautiful, natural and spontaneous process. A dark, corrosive and sneaky fundamentalism, inherent to the human specie, irrupted and caused more damage than anybody expected.

We never have to forget that those dialects were indeed born from one of the most wonderful “idioms” that life has provided us with, which is the music as a whole, and I want to stress the fact that I’m saying, “One of the most wonderful idioms,” because I don’t see music as a language like everybody says and in fact I don’t think that’s the only wonderful idiom either.

In my opinion music is just a part of the real “Universal Language” which is “Art” and the most wonderful aspect of this proposal is that when you get the real ability to dominate the “Wonderful Universal Language of Art,” you’ll become immediately capable of communicating with every other idiom in this world, like Music, Painting, Sculpting, Writing, Dancing, etc… and needless to say, you’ll be able to communicate fluently in any dialect as well.

People who want to dedicate their life to cultivate and to master a specific dialect, or people who want to dedicate their life to cultivate and to master a specific idiom will have all the right to follow those paths, and probably in my opinion they’ll find in music the essence of life itself, but in my life I’ve heard thousand of experts on specific dialects, and also thousand of masters in specific idioms, that despite the fact of their infinite talent and abilities, they couldn’t communicate with anybody except with themselves.

Very few will be the ones that will be truly able to communicate something, and I’m sure they’ll be able to do so through the Universal Language, which is Art. They will be able to talk straight to your heart without any intermediary, and the idiom or dialect they’ll choose to establish that communication will be completely unimportant.

Art, on its most profound, complete and sublime meaning is, “The Infinite love Language” that squeezes your whole soul so to get the very essence of existence and then sharing it with every human being; luminous… free… and deprived of any kind of violence…

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  1. Claudio quEvedo

    August 12, 2011 at 4:43 am

    Igor is a great bass player. I’m so proud to be chileno! Saludos

  2. Igor Saavedra

    Igor Saavedra

    August 14, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Thanks a lot for your kind words Claudio…!!

  3. Álvaro de la Barra

    August 16, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Obviously, a description comes after the described. When it comes before, it becomes rules. What makes art what it is, is freedom.


  4. Igor Saavedra

    Igor Saavedra

    August 16, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    That’s the reason why I always quoted the word “Tribe”…., because Real Tribes create their own dialects…

    Rockers, Jazzists and all these people are quite the opposite, that means they are (in my opinion) an unnecessary subproduct of the dialect….

    I can resume this statement by saying that a Real Tribe can’t communicate and probably can’t survive without making use of their own dialect…, but Jazz can perfectly survive without Jazzists and will just need from any real artist to do so….

  5. Mauricio

    August 18, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Igor, amazing, i really love your insight about music (art), i am a music lover (Puerto Montt, Chile), with you, i understand the music not like just a wave or sound (or all of those cientific explanation), with you i have learn the music like a philosophy, like an expresion, is not just “music”, is not just playing…is more than “music”

  6. Igor Saavedra

    Igor Saavedra

    August 18, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Thanks Mauricio for your kind words……….., you can share it with everybody you think that can dig this article.., wich as you could see in this case was intended for every musician and not just for bass players…

    All the best,


  7. Andreas Farmakalidis

    Andreas Farmakalidis

    August 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Igor. Great article. just to add something.

    Because music is a stimulus to our sense of hearing, it is clear that music can, and inevitably does, convey information such as every language.All music has a certain meaning behind the notes and that meaning constitutes, after all, what the piece is saying as well as what the piece is about.Within the orbit of tonality, composers/improvisors have always been bound by certain expressive laws of the medium, laws which are analogous to those of language….Music is, in fact, ‘extra-musical’ in the sense that poetry is ‘extra-verbal’, since notes, like words, have emotional connotations….Music functions as a language of the emotions.

    Stravinsky said that music is “powerless to express anything at all” is almost certainly symptomatic of an overreaction against the poetic excesses of romantically inclined music commentators, or of an effort to distinguish himself from the Viennese “expressionists”. Nevertheless, his professed belief was that, if music is “about” anything, it is about music. on the other hand, musicologist Deryck Cooke, said that music is a language for expressing emotional states, and that furthermore it is (at least in the case of tonal music) a strictly codified language in which each scale degree signifies a certain emotion and permits only a single specific reading.

    i would like to disagree with both (stravinsky and cooke) and agree with Igor — that music/art is the infinite love language that squeezes your whole soul so to get the very essence of existence and then sharing it with every human being; luminous… free… and deprived of any kind of violence…

    playing the “wrong” notes can sound and feel right.

  8. Igor Saavedra

    Igor Saavedra

    August 19, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Thanks for that nice and very profound comment Andreas….., I feel honored that you chose my opinion as an option considering that Stravinsky’s and Cooke’s definitions are very spread all around…

    All the best for you…,


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