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NAMM-tastic 2012!

Editor's Notes

NAMM-tastic 2012!

I wish I could accurately share the extraordinary experience that we have been privileged to enjoy in Winter NAMM 2012.

Anything I can say would fall short of describing this mega-event of the music world. Imagine a veritable beehive of musical activity of every kind possible filling the entire Anaheim Convention Center and surrounding facilities for four very long days!

That said, Bass Musician Magazine hit the floors at a run and we have brought you a sample of what we witnessed there. The footage is spontaneous, live and is always colored by the incredible amount of background noise.

There is just so much going on and no chance of seeing it all. I am only glad that we limited our coverage to items of interest to the Bass community or we would never even scratch the surface.

We got the low-down from the innovators, saw some amazing sights, listened to some serious music and caught up with many of our very good friends. Best of all, we got it on video!

Make sure to check back with us often, as we will release footage as fast as we can edit for your viewing pleasure all throughout the month.


Raul Amador
Executive Editor

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