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The Ultimate Bass Songbook Published by Hal Leonard

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The Ultimate Bass Songbook Published by Hal Leonard

The Ultimate Bass Songbook Published by Hal Leonard…  I would venture to guess that all of us that play the bass have spent countless hours lifting tunes. After all, it is a big part of how we learn. Take it a step further and watch how many YouTube videos of Bass players there are playing covers that they finally figured out and they want us all to see it!

If you have ever had some difficulty figuring out a song, help is on the way with a book that is loaded with a broad variety of  top-hit gems; There are 218 to be precise. These tunes are transcribed on a musical staff and in bass tab. The list is broken down into four categories

Bass Recorded Versions:

This group gives you the entire tune start to finish. The songs they selected are some really good ones and there is something for everybody.

Bass Riffs:

This section has just that tricky riff you wanted to know but hadn’t quite figured out.

Solo Bass:

We have all heard some icon of the Bass play one of these tunes as a solo. Now you can learn one too and impress everybody!

Easy Bass Melodies:

This selection is not quite as complex as the solo tunes but still is nice for those looking to build a song list.

Now I could tell what songs are in this book but I am going to make you work for it.

Check this book out and I am sure you will find a song you want to play or if you already know it, maybe play it even better

The Ultimate Bass Songbook Published by Hal Leonard  available at

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